pannatic is a blog that translates articles mostly from Pann and Instiz. this blog was made on 8 April 2016 and I use this blog to improve my Korean skills. just a reminder, if you're taking any content from this blog, don't forget to give credits. and also please notice that Korean netizens' comments do not equal to my opinions. all I do is just to translate and their comments don't reflect my opinions ok I've seen some of indirects saying that my blog is trash because of some of the comments I translated lol I was so bitter about this. 

i do take requests at some certain time, and if i don't fulfill your requested articles that means:
  • the article doesn't have much comments
  • someone already translated it before me
  • there is a possibility that i didn't see your request
  • it is an old article
  • i was too busy (but i usually don't take request when i'm busy)
follow me on twitter to get daily updates of this blog, submit your request and ask me anything on i'm in my last year of high-school so i will not take request as often as i used to doand contact me on